How to Use Twitter as a Marketplace


Twitter is becoming one prominent marketplace day by day even though in the initial years, it was more popular for the celebrity updates. Now, for the newbie in this thing, the question might be how to use it as a marketplace? Twitter does not come with as many options as facebook or other social media alternatives offer but it certainly has its potential there; in fact a huge one.

Step 1: Creating an Account

It is the first step indeed. Opening up a new account in Twitter is free but for business profiles it becomes a bit tricky as well. Since it only allows 140 characters per tweet and profile descriptions, choosing the best possible words in an attractive manner to describe the business or services can be challenge. If there are specific keywords, those should be used smartly and neatly for better attention.

Step 2: Maintaining the Account

The best thing about Twitter is it allows short, simple and to-the-point tweets which today’s mass love the best. So, to use Twitter as a marketplace, clean and clear tweets about the products, services, offers and promotions should be regularly updated and obviously, in a manner that makes the followers interested. Posting nice images of goods will also create a good impression.

Step 3: Increasing the Followers

To spread the word about the brand or business, the tweets and items uploaded have to be read, re-tweeted and hash-tagged by the followers. For that, the profile needs a great number of followers first. For small businesses, it will need a lot of brainwork, some SEO help and time to build up a strong follower community. Being the follower of a lot of profiles and sharing the profile in others’ tweets as comments or asking remaining followers to re-tweet it can be the first step in this case.

Step 4: Updating and Communicating

To gain and retain the trust of the present followers and to open doors for more, the profile has to be updated routinely and it also has to be in response to the followers’ queries and comments. Replying to both positive and negative comments of followers in a tweet with a relative and polite response will give people a sense of importance paid to them and they will later volunteer spontaneously to share and re-tweet the profile.  It is all about being in the good book of the followers and communication always helps there.

Step 5: Using Other Options 

To get even more respond to the products and services offered through the Twitter account, a parallel facebook, YouTube account or a Blog can be used to get more eyes. Only Twitter can be the superstar social media marketplace indeed, but if there is time and scope, the options can also be considered to amp it up, right?

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Smart SMO Tips for Your Business

Social media optimization is a great tool which ensures profitable running of your online business entities. This is a cost effective way of promoting the products and services. it also enhances the business credibility and reputation. TO expand the SMO services to your site you can approach a trusted online marketing agency with offers best SEO and SMO services to your site. You can also do it on your own. Below are some of the tips which assist you in providing best SMO services for your business.

  • First of all create your business pages on the social networking sites. Connect with your target audience and invite them to join your network. This is the best way to connect to a huge customer base worldwide
  • Post your blog post on to someone else’s wall. You can see number of comments, likes and shares when you use this type of strategy
  • Ensure that tweet during day time. studies says that tweets posted during busy hours of the day gets 30% more clicks
  • Try and increase your link ability. You can do it by producing informative, creative and high quality content which others want to link to
  • Motivate your customers to discuss the content of your website on the social networking sites. Inform your visitors buddies when they keep comments
  • Use Google analytics. The practices you follow and the social networking strategies you implement will bring traffic to your site and increases your visibility on search engines. Check out your analytics on consistent basis to analyse your web traffic. This is the best way to remove non profitable services and to improve the profitable services
  • Add Like and comments buttons of Facebook to your blog posts which allow your guests to like and comment on your posts
  • Add keywords to your YouTube videos. You can add niche keywords to the title, description and tags of your YouTube videos
  • Create an appealing title. Title is the first and the last thing which visitors see from you. Ensure that your title is convincing your visitors that it is worth reading
  • Participate in the discussions which were going on among the blogs and sites of others. Do it organically
  • Give your readers and valuable users the recognition they deserve
  • Allow others to make use of  your content or tools to produce a bit different or similar stuff
  • Add value and outbound links. Even if they don’t help you instantly they can help you in the long run

About the Author:
This guest post is written by Emily  who is a specialist in financial blogging from Manchester. Apart from blogging, she does research on cash payday. Reach her at financeport

In-house SEO Team over SEO Company


Let’s face it: SEO is a real science. In past, it was a combination of art and science. It was easy a few years back. But lot of water has gone under the bridge. It’s complex, competitive and hard. Google updated, updated, and updated lots of algorithms. It is closing all the easy doors that we sneaked easily in the past. We can’t manipulate any more.


Today I want to talk on the particular issue that will make or break your business. For all the business owners who are looking for SEO Services that too particularly small and medium business owners. The dilemma is: in order to achieve a successful seo campaign whether to recruit in-house seo team or sign up for a vendor that comes top in for phrase seo company india. Let us have pros and cons of having in-house seo and seo outsourcing services.





Pros: Time will always be with in-house. A dead line is a dead line but they can extend more time.


Cons: Time is a biggest enemy for any seo company. Time will always clicking. Some time a six month slot is too little to show results.

See the time line set by SEO vendors. Normally it’s a 6 month job. Almost all the vendors need six months to show the results. I completely agree on this even in house team need these many months to show some results. But if a deal has happened for high competitive keywords, is six months enough to achieve rankings? I doubt it. Need extra time. Every now and then new start ups are coming and all they are looking better ROI for their marketing expenditure.




Pros: In house can allocate resource and also can perform immediate tasks.


Cons: One of the nightmares for any seo vendors is being flexible.  


Immediate tasks:

Medium companies will always have regular workshops or events or exhibitions. Every quarter these companies will have one or two to participate. Companies will outsource these branding activities to vendors. The whole other campaign will go for a toss. We have experienced a lot particularly on this issue. At least 15 or 20 business working days will go to drive registration or some other activities. But at the end of the 6 months these tasks won’t matter for owners.


Resource Allocation:

Even if Seo Company will have specialists like affiliate marketer, event promoter, link builder, on page optimizer. Still there are so many unique requirements that it will become difficult for first time to do the tasks. See this requirement:  want to perform a survey in CFO forums and networking sites. The desired result from client is participants of this poll must be chief finance officers. Again needs time, budget and resource.


Customized SEO Solutions:

Cons: Difficult for seo vendors to customize.  Vendors package are predefined and often they are comfort in working on that framework.

Pros: Always in house seo team will upper hand to in making strategies according to the current needs.

Check any SEO company packages you see the set activities and set of number of keywords to target. Most of the business owners are result oriented. Need results. Not the tasks. Ironically, the package reflects what we do for a client. How many back links we get from directories, business directories, classifieds, press release, book markings and other listing.

Even when we offer customized solutions clients will often think overpriced. Because they often compare the package with customized SEO solutions.


Local SEO Services:

Cons: There will be not many keywords to target for in-house seo team.

Pros: Really works for SEO vendors.  

This recommendation is from my perspective. Our Happy clients list of local business is really long. Most of 

the demographic search oriented keywords like city + keyword or state + keywords belong to small business owners. They can’t afford SEO team.  The strategy will be clear for the local search.  Pull the keywords month on month basis. Take our example: the success rate is so high that we started new seo company chennai to cover the business owners of that place. There will be no particular marketing budget for small owners and for them seo companies will really work well.



Large b2b and b2c companies can hire a marketing manager and then outsource the projects to SEO companies. Doing so, companies can set result orient deadlines to Manager. And seo companies can perform task oriented activities. Strategy will be taken care by Manager and execution part will be taken care by outsourcing companies. Or large companies can have their own in house seo teams. Tasks will perform swiftly and smoothly as there will not be too many “go ahead” approval mails.

Small and medium companies can sign up projects for SEO Companies. Even startup companies can rely on seo companies. Set a realistic target. And always think renewal plans after succeeding in the results.

If budget is too much constrained then read SEO Blogs like these and implement SEO tips and tricks.



SuryaPatra works as SEO Manager in the search company. Most of my free time is writing blog posts on on page, consultation and best practices.


Advantage of Off-Page SEO Methods for Your Website

In past content I've been discussing guidelines about Using the Off Web page SEO Methods. Okay, let's talk about what the advantages of using this strategy off-page seo.

Benefit of Off-Page SEO Methods for Your Website

1. Getting Visitor from search Engines:-

As we know, one of the guidelines using the Off page seo is publish and confirm your site to the well-known search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing etc. so what if all internet directories are joined into search engines, every content we are visited by visitors will enhance our blog traffic.

2. Getting Visitor From blog Directory

In inclusion to with regards to from search engines, we also get traffic from the end of your site internet directories where we sign-up our blog.

3. Getting Visitor From Classified listings Websites and Forums

be confident if we regularly upgrade and publish our content to the classified ads and is effective in the Forum boards allow individuals to go to our blog. As we know, both classified ads and forums of course have a lot of associates so that when we place a trademark then they will probably visited the link so that we will get a boost in traffic.

4. Increase Your Authority Blog

As we know, excellent baklink of the blogs that have a superior page rank blog will impact us too. So use the strategy to exchange hyperlinks with your buddies blog.

5. Quality Back-link Will Increase Our blog Place in The SERP Google

Yes, this is probably the most recognized benefit if we use off-page seo techniques, we'll get a excellent backlink from Link One way, two way hyperlinks, etc. It will enhance the position of our blog searching in search engines SERP. Why is that, excellent hyperlinks on search engines will be improved position in Google SERP.

There are many advantages that we can use in this strategy, moreover to off-page SEO techniques you can also use the strategy On page SEO to enhance the excellent of your site.

What is Reciprocal Link Building

Want to improve your website link Popularity and Look for search engine Ranking?

If you want to improve your search engine positions (specially Google ranking), then Reciprocal link-building strategy is the easiest and helpful method for that. It boosts the count of hyperlinks that backlink to your website. The more sites connecting to your website allows for higher search engine positions.

If your website is new to the internet industry, then starting reciprocal link-building strategy it can help your website get listed in many other well-known sites and your visitors will also improve. Increasing website visitors is the first step for your business.

Reciprocal link-building is the exchanging of hyperlinks between relevant websites. Many sites are available in the marketplace offering exchanging hyperlinks. But the main thing is searching for relevant web sites.

According to Google algorithm hyperlinks from relevant sites are only weighted well. There comes the role of a excellent SEO who can differentiate between these hyperlinks. Search engines need to give relevant results to their users. That is why they weight only relevant hyperlinks.

In our exchanging hyperlinks program we gave additional care in preparing your Title and description tag. If other sites are not explaining your business in their backlink, then you will not get the expected visitors. So we prepare keyword rich title and description tag for your link text. Using reciprocal link exchanges is the least expensive technique of promoting your web page, products or services. Compared to advertisements it is inexpensive and it can bring huge visitors to your website.

There are a lot of companies offer automated link exchange. But this will spam your website and will not advantage in excellent position. These automated linking system hyperlinks your website with all unrelated sites which will not advantage your website position. Reciprocal links are the common understanding between two sites to exchange hyperlinks. For that each web page owner have to communicate with each other. In automated submissions they will not interact with each other. They only fills form and will never check their hyperlinks. Frequent verifying of hyperlinks and regular updation is very essential for getting excellent position for your website. There is the value of our link-building services gets its success. We personally contact each website owner and add hyperlinks after double verifying the theme of the website.

Why Are Links Important?


To put it simply: a link is a vote. Every link pointing to your site from another website tells the search engines that the other site finds your resource valuable and thus, the engines read this as a vote for your site. So it must be about getting tons of links and you're done right? Wrong. This is incorrect as ...

Not All Votes Are Created Equal

Unlike your own vote in an election, some votes are worth more than others and some votes are worth SIGNIFICANTLY more than yours .The basic factors that affect a link's value to your website are: The site strength, Relevance, Anchor text, Position

The site strength - the strength of the site that is pointing to yours is a significant (and historically abused) factor in the valuation of links. In the absence of other easily-visible criteria let's look at PageRank as a key valuation of a site's strength. If a site with a PageRank 8 links to your site, this vote is worth significantly more than a link from a PageRank 3 site. This is because a PageRank 8 site is, in Google's eyes, a more important site than the PageRank 3 site.

Relevance - the relevance of a site linking to you is, if anything, more important than a site's strength. If you run a bed a breakfast in Utah a link from a PageRank 3 bed and breakfast will be worth more than a link from a PageRank 5 web design site. This area is a bit grey in that it relies on the engine's ability to determine what is relevant and what is not however we've seen evidence that this area is strong at this stage in the game and is only becoming more important over time.

Anchor text - the actual text used to link to your site is extremely important. I've seen extremely strong sites get beaten out by weak ones simply due to the poor use of anchor test. If you're building links to your site be sure to include your keywords in the text that links back and, if possible, the exact phrase you are trying to rank for. At the same time, you can't make all your anchor text exactly the same - how can that possibly look natural?

Position - the position of a link on a page and the number of other links on that page impacts the value of a link. A link in the footer of a page is given less weight than a link near the top, a link in the content of a page is given more weight than a link in a list of links and a link on a page with 50 other links is given less weight than a link on a page with only a few other links. If we think about it - this makes sense. All of these things indicate whether the site with the outbound links actually intends for one of their visitors to click the link or not. From an engine's perspective - the more it appears that a site wants a link to be clicked on, the higher the weight that link (or vote) is given.

Admittedly there are a number of other factors but this is a beginner’s guide. Following the considerations above will insure that as you make each link decision - you're odds of making the right choices will be significantly higher than if you ignore them. Ignoring them may not get you penalized or banned but it will make your task far more time consuming as you secure less valuable links and thus need to build far more than following the right methods.
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